What can (traditionally) publishing a book lead to?

author coach consultant publishing speaker Oct 26, 2022
Joseph Baker Publishing

You have a message to share with the world. You've been told "You should write a book!" many times.

You're a communicator, and you know that more people could benefit from your influence. 

But how do you get to that next level?

Publishing a book is still the #1 way to get started building a platform.

Publishing a book is the best way to present a long-form, comprehensive body of work that people will respect in the marketplace.

So, once you become a published author... which types of opportunities will you potentially have?

Here are a handful:

-Speaking Engagements
-Additional Physical/Digital Products
-Media Appearances
-Online Courses
-Membership Websites
-Coaching Engagements
-Consulting Engagements

As you can see, writing a book can open up the floodgates of opportunity for you as an author/speaker/coach/consultant.

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It's time to get started building your platform!