A Sobering Reality: The Market Decides

Aug 10, 2022
Joseph Baker Blog

In an ideal world, you are passionate about the products/services that you provide. 

And, you've also likely spent countless hours forming the "perfect" offering ... and the perfect pitch.

Here's the sobering reality: At the end of the day, the market decides whether your products/services have value. And, they decide how much it is worth. 

And, worth is determined by how much someone is willing to pay for it.

I know that I have found myself at times agonizing over how much to price my services. While you should spend *some* time on this, your time might be better spent surveying the market and asking them, instead.

Imagine this, you approach your ideal client, show them the product/service that you plan-on offering in the near future. You then ask them: "If you were to pay for something like this, how much would it be worth to you?"

Even better: "What would it be worth to you if I could help solve problem X in your business?"

Let your future clients/customers tell you how much it is worth. Then, sell it to them.