Right time. Right message.

Aug 08, 2022
Joseph Baker Marketing Messaging

A few days ago, I saw an ad in the top right corner of my Facebook feed.

While I mostly use Facebook to access the corporate accounts that I manage, I happened to be (briefly) browsing my home page "feed". 

An image caught my eye in the top right corner. It was as advertisement for an entrepreneur film that I had heard about, and was interested in watching.

I immediately clicked on the ad... and within minutes I was pulling out a credit card to purchase the movie. 

Side note: I then found myself in an endless sales funnel where they attempted to sell me a kitchen sink, but, I got out alive (barely).

Why did this ad get me to buy? 

Here is why: 


I first heard this term from legendary marketer Dan Kennedy. 

He tells a great story that goes something like this: 

Dan was home working in his office one day, when he heard a pounding on his front door. Being a bit of an introvert, and not wanting to be bothered, he ignored the pounding, hoping the person would just "go away".

The pounding continued for a minute, and then stopped. 

Initially, Dan was relieved. That is, until someone jumped over his backyard fence (which apparently even had glass shards on top, to discourage such behavior). Now, this person was pounding away at at the back door, and could see Dan through the glass. Dan begrudgingly realized that this person was not going to be dissuaded, so, he reluctantly opened the door. 

"Sorry, sir, but, your bushes in the front yard are on fire!"

At this moment, this gentleman went from being an annoying pest -to- a most welcomed guest.

I love this story. It illustrates the importance of bringing the right message and the right time to your customers/clients. 

The video that I purchased a few days ago might be irrelevant (and a waste of ad spend) to someone who cares nothing about entrepreneurship. But, it was the perfect pitch for someone like myself. 

Take a hard look at your messaging and your targeting. Make sure you are placing the right message in front of your customers at the right time. This will be the best use of your time and advertising dollars.