One question to change your business.

Jul 14, 2022
Joseph Baker - One Question
If you're like many entrepreneurs that I meet, you're passionate about providing products and services to people. However, you might also "bounce around" a bit, trying to find the "perfect" product/service/pitch, etc. Part of this journey involves figuring out what makes your client/customer actually pull out their credit card to make a purchase from you.
One of the most provoking questions I've ever heard came from renowned marketer Dean Jackson. He asks:
"What would you do if you only got paid if your client gets a result?"
Read it again.
One more time.
This one question has the power to change your business. As entrepreneurs, we spend SO MUCH TIME dreaming, deliberating, strategizing, planning ... and (often) so little time figuring out how to get paid via actual results that we provide.
This question has challenged me to re-align around the RESULTS that I have actually provided (and can provide in the future), and then, figure out how to scale from there.