Customer Testimonials: The power of your future customers "seeing themselves" on video.

marketing testimonials video Jul 20, 2022
Joseph Baker Marketing Customers

It was a beautiful day in Danville, California. I was filming a testimonial video for one of my clients (A well respected, local painting contractor) at the home of his happy client. This testimonial featured Dan, a local Realtor. As you can probably imagine, his home was quite exquisite. After exchanging a few pleasantries and setting up my gear, I began to pitch Dan questions about his experience with my client (the painting contractor). His face lit up as he explained how happy he and his wife were with the entire process. From start-to-finish they had been extremely well taken-care-of, and, were elated with the final results. I mixed in b-roll footage of the interior and exterior of his home, to add to the visual impact. Not only was Dan happy, he encouraged others in the community to utilize this painting service for themselves.

A few days later we placed this video on the home page of my client's website, and, within a week I got a call from my client. "People are calling in... and they LOVE the video!" my client exclaimed.

Side note: There's nothing quite like the feeling of hearing that your client is getting new business from your marketing materials ... it never gets old!

There are a few reasons that this video was so impactful. The one that stands-out the most (to me) is this: The new customers were "seeing themselves" in this video. These were people who were local to Danville, CA, of a similar age demographic, and socioeconomic status. They had homes similar to Dan's, and, were searching for a reliable painting contractor that would take good care of them, too. 

This is a big part of the power of testimonial videos. If I were starting any sort of new business (that legally allows testimonials) I would place 3-4 HD testimonial videos on the front page of my website featuring a variety of satisfied customers that appeal to my target audience. 

Now, you can hire a professional crew for this (to achieve maximum quality). However, even if you don't have a budget for this... ask your happiest customers to create a quick video using their smartphone and send it to you. Most will likely say "Yes."

It's not about fancy. It's about your customers seeing "success" in others, and craving it for themselves.