Astonish your clients/customers.

Aug 04, 2022
Joseph Baker Marketing Customers

I recently bought a house.

Being the first home that I have owned, I admit, I'm a "newbie" when it comes to dealing with home services providers on the receiving end. While I have worked with many of these types of businesses as a marketing consultant, until recently, I had not yet had the experience of hiring them, myself.

And, I will say, I was astonished

But, not in a good way. 

Apparently, the standards can be very low.

Many don't return your calls.

Most don't return your emails. 

They tell you they're going to show up for an estimate, and then simply don't. 

Some give you unreasonably wide estimated arrival times. (Essentially, "We'll be there sometime between when the sun rises and when it sets")

There also seems to be an attempt to squeeze the most amount of money out of you for the least amount of commitment.

Clearly, this is an absurd approach to dealing with clients/customers. One that may even bankrupt you in the long run. 

(If I'm honest, I even found myself considering starting a home services business myself, just to smoke the competition with incredible customer service...)

The opportunity before you becomes one of great importance: 
Astonish your clients/customers with so much value that you become the only viable choice.

Return phone calls as promptly as possible. Return emails as quickly as you can. Show enthusiasm about serving your clientele, as if you are grateful that they are choosing to spend their hard earned money with you. 

I'm reminded of a contractor that showed up to my house to give me a quote for lawn sprinklers ... he walked around ... mumbled a few things about irrigation ... scribbled something on a piece of paper .. and handed me a quote for $10,000. (Needless to say, I didn't hire him).

There is so much opportunity in the marketplace, it's ridiculous. And there are (seemingly) fewer and fewer enthusiastic, hard-working, excellent professionals. 

My encouragement to you, today, is to take full advantage by offering high-quality products and services along with dynamic customer service that surprises and delights your customers.

Then, create active referral generating systems (more on this later) so that word-of-mouth spreads, and your business grows.